What is TeleVet?

TeleVet is an online platform that connects veterinary clinics to their existing clients via our web and mobile apps to help diagnose and treat pets outside the clinic walls. By using our service, you can provide greater convenience to your clients while not sacrificing the quality of care provided.

How does it Work?

Once a clinic has signed up and gone through our simple setup process, TeleVet enables veterinarians to provide two types of services.

The first, allows pet owners to send in virtual consultations directly to the clinic to review. After the vet has had time to review the case, he or she can share a diagnosis and treatment plan for the pet's health condition with the owner.

The second type of service enables veterinarians to conduct convenient follow up appointments with pets they have already provided health care services for. This gives veterinarians a chance to check up on the healing progress of their patient and ensure the pet is completely healthy.

For each service type we enable clinics to set their own prices to charge.

How much does it cost?

Our current introductory pricing is $50 per month. In most cases, a clinic can recoup this cost by performing just one or two consultations in a month. We also allow clinics to pay for an entire year for $550, providing one month for free!

What about VCPR?

Who better to treat pets remotely than those that are already most familiar with them? TeleVet embraces the Veterinary Client Patient Relationship unlike most other competitors. Our goal is to make the relationship between veterinarians and their clients even stronger, by providing a responsible platform for virtual care. This not only enables veterinarians to maintain contact and exposure to their current customers, but also provides them with a safe and legal way to do so.

How long does it take to setup?

Getting started is very simple and takes as little as 30 minutes for setup and a tutorial. Of course, we will always stay as long as needed to ensure you are comfortable with our service.